“Fair play” cost transparency offers for all partners

The fee for the Interim Manager

The base for the payment of an interim manager is the performed days. The costs of interim managers are therefore variable costs. 

  • Remuneration on a fee base (only performed days, no non-wage labour costs  and no special payments
  • performance-based fee component possible
  • no obligation through labour-law deadlines

Therefore, time manageable and accurately calculable costs. The daily costs of an Interim Manager depends on  

  • duration of use
  • the number of operating days
  • the requirements of the candidate
  • to the requirements of the job
  • branch
  • place of action

Any expenses (travel, hotel, business expenses, etc.) which are connected with the interim order are further settled after expenditure.

We work exclusively success-related

Our services are completely transparent and will be charged to the contracting company. We accompany you from common briefing up to the completion of the contract (see procedure). For successful placement 20% fee incurred on the remuneration of the Interim Manager.

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Interim ManagerInnen arbeiten sehr effizient, da sie ähnliche Aufgaben bereits erfolgreich umgesetzt haben.  


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