Reference examples of ATLAS Interim Management

We place great emphasis on confidentiality. Interim Managers are often used in critical
or sensitive situations. So we publish no customer names. But we like to establish
to references if required.

Gross margin increase in the plastics industry


An Austrian company in the plastics industry has a need for optimisation in the working preparation, the gross margin calculation is too imprecise and gross
margin increase is aimed.

An experienced controller with profound understanding of production processes is based on a specific detailed cost accounting, the gross margin is sharpened and a higher gross margin is achieved, key figures are implemented.


SAP Roll-out in the food industry


Austria- wide implementation of the largest SAP involving reorganisation in Europe.


An interim manager with extensive knowledge of IT, process- and project management creates the technical specifications and implements SCRUM
project management - implementation on time and within budget.


Profit increase by production conversion in the metals industry


Conversion of production in Austria and the Czech Republic of galvanized zinc
flake coated on C-parts and optimisation of purchase. 


A process engineer with expertise in supply chain management moves the production conversion successfully, vendor management inventory and consignment stores are introduced, supplier contracts about C-parts are renegotiated.


Reduction of production costs in the Automotive Industry


Reducing scrap of expensive product in the Automotive Industry


A process engineers with process- and project management know-how adapts the manufacturing state of the art and implements the new process.



Successful implementation OF ALL projects despite the departure of the global SAP person responsible in the trade

Surprising departure of the global SAP person responsible of a German company
in the electronic trade and with it linked massive know-how loss. 

A globally experienced manager with relevant experience in program management and SAP knowledge set up on a program management. Result: All projects were successfully finalised.

Implementation of a portfolio management in the chemical industry

Short-term escape of the portfolio manager in the chemical industry, which was responsible for all IT projects. 


Experienced manager with expertise in organisation, program management and general IT knowledge introduces a new portfolio management for the whole Group and realigns the construction organisation in the IT

Internationalisation of the business model in the new media

A start up in the New Media aims to internationalisation and looking for an international investor. 

An experienced manager with a focus on strategy, business model and processes is expanding its existing business model for internationalisation.

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